Doulas play an amazing role in the birthing process. I'm so lucky to have found Brandy. She taught me everything there is to know about birthing naturally. Her insight, love, and respect helped me through my first birth and additionally gave me the courage and determination to birth my other two babies on my own. Doulas are fabulous resources for all expectant mommies 🙂 Words do not do justice explaining how important or wonderful Brandy's role in my family's journey was.

Nichole T MSN, RN   

As a first time father, I had no idea what to do! I thought that I would be able to handle any situation and provide the strength and encouragement for my wife on the delivery day. Brandy took my wife and I by the hand and led us through the process from the early part of the pregnancy. This gave my wife an amazing amount of confidence and determination to have the childbirth experience she wanted to have. On the day we welcomed our little girl into the world, Brandy's presence was the most important thing that happened in our experience. Without her, things would not have gone smoothly. She knew what my wife needed to hear and what I needed to do to support her. She did these things with a peace and harmony that helped make our experience truly awesome. Brandy is already hired for #2 when that day occurs. If you are a man, and think that "I got this", humble yourself and know that what you think you've got under control is not what your wife needs on that day. Hire Brandy and you can pat yourself on the back for making the best decision for your family! I did! You'll thank me later!

Steve Samuels   

Brandy was like an angel walking into the room to help with the birth of my second baby. She is a truly gifted doula! Her years of experience were evident from our very first meeting. I am so happy to have such wonderful memories of my daughter's waterbirth. Thank you, Brandy!!

Southern Van Auken   

I met Brandy about 3ish years ago and since then she has been by my side through all of my most important life events...engagement, marriage, pregnancy and most recently the birth of my daughter. She was the 3rd person that knew that I was pregnant and she was there for me every step of the way. As a FTM I had A LOT of questions, Brandy was able to answer all of them (as dumb as most of them were) and most importantly reassure me that everything was fine. One of the things I remember about being in labor was the moment when Brandy arrived at our house, I just felt a sense of calm come over me, she talked me through every contraction from there on out. One of the best decisions that you can make regarding your pregnancy is to hire a Doula. I tell this to all of my friends. It’s not the Doctors that do all the work, its the support system that you have surrounding you throughout the whole pregnancy and then labor and delivery. When I talk about my “Birth Day” I always talk about Brandy; I definitely couldn't have written this very important chapter in my ‘life book’ without her help and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Kathryn Policella   

We knew as soon as we met Brandy that we had to have her for our doula. Her and my husband, who both do CrossFit, connected instantly and I knew I could never find that connection for my husband with anyone else. We were lucky to hire her in the middle of my first pregnancy. Any questions or concerns I had she was always available to get advice. We were nervous about having the baby at the hospital but she put our fears away and assured us we would do great and our baby boy would have his special birth story no matter the situation. Brandy was amazing once I was in active labor to be the calm voice of reasoning and stability I needed through the contractions. She was able to help where she could when we got to the hospital so my husband could stay focused on me which was incredible. Her confidence in me and her experienced helped me have an amazing, fast delivery and the birth that I always wanted. Brandy is such a sweet, happy person and I feel so honored that I could have her as my doula!

Kayla Butcher   

Brandy is absolutely incredible. She provided so much encouragement and support to my husband and I. I couldn't imagine my birth experience without her. Immediately after the birth of my daughter I had some complications, Brandy stayed by my side the entire time so my husband could be with my daughter. She held my hand and provided comfort to me in a time of fear and confusion. She pushed me and encouraged me; Brandy never let me loose my confidence to have a natural birth. So appreciative of her!

Michelle Willke   

We have been shouting from the rooftops about Brandy for 9 years now. We have passed her name along to friends and she now has a fan group of Navy spouses that has nothing but awesome things to say about her. Brandy was our doula for #1 and #3 (would have been for #2 if we didn't move away). My husband was a little iffy on the idea of a doula for #1 but quickly realized how priceless she was in the labor/delivery room. He was asking me to line her up for #3. She has an amazing ability to calm and comfort and I always said she knew exactly where to massage/push to help reduce the tension. I would recommend Brandy to anyone. She is awesome.

Amy Barker   

There are no words to adequately explain how amazing Brandy is in her role as a doula. Childbirth can be a such a wondrous experience, but for first time mothers (and fathers) it can also be frightening! My husband and I took several birthing classes, went to each and every prenatal doctor appointment, read every book available, but, still, when the day came, we were both extremely nervous and couldn't remember a thing about what we had learned or read! Thankfully, in walks the epitome of calm and grace, Brandy. Not only did she make us both feel more in control and better about everything happening around us, she let us know that it was ALL normal to feel the way we were. She is the perfect coach, she is a wonderful friend, and I can't imagine either of my baby's coming into this world without her knowledge, love, and support.

Traci Jefferies   

Brandy has been a wonderful friend to me and my husband Chris for many years and was our doula for the births of all three of our boys, a singleton and a set of twins. I absolutely credit Brandy with helping me have two of the most incredible birth experiences and to have them on my own terms. Brandy somehow had the ability to seamlessly be a calming, empowering, knowledgeble presence while making my husband feel completely included in every step of our births. She was also able to diplomatically but firmly talk with the doctors, nurses and others who were part of the process to make sure I was heard even when my mind was on other things! I am certain that Brandy's advice, suggestions and presence during the birth of my twins was the reason that I did not have to be induced/have pitocin as expected and the reason I felt so very calm about the whole experience. All that and she was also a shoulder to hang on when I was exhausted, the backup for my husband when he got tired of doing the "labor dance" with me, a soothing voice when I needed, and a cheerleader to give me courage. I am so proud to call Brandy a friend and overwhelmingly recommend her as a doula.

Natalie Hucke   

I actually met Brandy for the first time at my cousins bridal shower. She was vibrant, friendly and full of life and I immediately gravitated towards her. Our encounter was short and sweet but knowing the part she played in my cousins life, I knew we would run into each other once again. It wasn't until a while later when I was in the early months of my pregnancy that my mother, sister and I attended a Baby Expo at Pembroke Mall. Brandy was manning her booth and as soon as my younger sister recognized her we walked right over and began to chat. It wasn't until then that I was made aware of the amazingness that she had been conducting over the last decade plus of her life. Admittedly, I walked out of there with my doubts but no less than a week later I was asking my cousin for Brandys number and we met for lunch the very next week. My goal was to have a natural unmedicated birth and I knew Brandy was exactly what I needed to help me achieve just that. My husband was set to deploy when I was about 6 months pregnant and he too wanted a friendly professional who could be by my side just in case he was unable to be. Every question concerning a symptom, side affect, pain or ache went straight to Brandy and she always knew exactly what to say. When the big day finally came Brandy kept me calm and focused. Her patience and intentions for me never wavered and although due to my own exhaustion I didn't get the birth experience I had initially hoped for, I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. Brandy will most certainly be my go to for ALL of my babies to come 🙂 Love her and everything she stands for!

Meagan Egan   

We knew Brandy personally (from her role as a coach at our crossfit gym) before deciding to hire her as our doula. This was our first birth, so we did not know what to expect. We were unsure as to the exact role of a doula and were nervous about using someone whom we already knew socially. Despite our concerns, Brandy was a true professional throughout the entire process. Early on, she helped us make some difficult decisions about our birth process and newborn care by providing us with information and articles to support both sides. During active labor she helped me, and especially my husband stay calm and gave us much welcomed and successful pain control suggestions. The result of our experience was exactly what we wanted, a healthy baby boy born naturally at a hospital with little to no intervention from the medical staff. We couldn't be happier and would recommend Brandy's services to anyone without hesitation. We already have actually!! She and I are even closer now than we were before and I'm happy to have her around to call on again when we're ready for number two!

Chrissy Voigt   

Although my husband and I were a little skeptical of what we needed a doula for and their role in our birth experience, we decided to hire Brandy after such high recommendations from a friend of ours. I am so grateful that we had Brandy there, and my husband is even more so! I had a very difficult labor, and Brandy stuck by my side for two days, providing so many techniques (including A LOT of squats!) to help me along the way and to remind my husband of ways that he could help me as well. If she was not with me, it was only because she was in the waiting room helping to reassure my family that everything was okay!. When things got tough, Brandy was right there to guide me through the difficult decisions and provide the comfort I needed. Although my birth plan was not in any way how I imagined it (ending in a c-section), I am still incredibly grateful that Brandy was there to help me feel better about it and know I did everything I could (thanks to her help) to have our baby without interventions, but also to remind me that the most important thing is a healthy baby. I couldn't have asked for a better support system than her and my husband during the birth of our child!

Breanne Fenning   

My wife and I hired Brandy as our doula early on in our pregnancy. Since we knew Brandy from our CrossFit gym we often asked her about when and how to modify workouts during each stage of pregnancy. Brandy also recommended us to take a class about the whole birthing process. As a first time mom and dad, this class was amazing at easing our fears and helping us become more confident about our decision to attempt a natural birth. Brandy was always in contact with us through the early stages of labor and provided information about how to cope and when to go to the hospital. After hours of no progress the doctor recommended a C-section. My wife and I were horrified at the fact that we might not have a natural birth. Lucky for us Brandy took the time to calm our fears and walk us through the pros and cons of moving forward with the C-section. After the C-section we found that Sheena had an anomaly in her body that prevented her from having a natural birth. I am so glad that we had Brandy help us through this process. The whole story is amazing and I am so glad that Brandy was a big part of it. We didn’t even get home before we recommended her to others that we know are expecting.

Thomas Smith   

Brandy is a bright light to birthing families and the birth community! I am blessed to have known Brandy from the beginning of her doula journey. She has been consistent in her dedication to support mothers, families and the birth worker community at large. It is a pleasure (and I feel a little proud to know her) when I hear expectant and newly birthed families rave about the care Brandy is providing. Brandy is a true champion for birthing mothers, fathers and babies!

Terri Hewitt, Midwife (CPM, LM)   

Brandy was our doula for our first son nearly two and a half years ago. She helped our family feel safe and comfortable with the birthing process. When we encountered some bumps in our birthing plan and things got a little hectic, I clearly remember her coming in and making eye contact with me and I knew with her coaching and support to my husband and I, that everything would work out. If we expand our family she will be our first call and I am proud to praise her to all my expecting families. She is a wonderful woman who would be a great addition to any birthing team!

Sierra O   

Brandy has been a wonderful resource and trusted doula to the Hampton Roads community for over 9 years! Her ability to comfort, inform, reassure, and support pregnant & birthing women is exceptional. I have recommended Brandy and her doula services to past clients with very positive feedback. I currently recommend her services to every pregnant woman & family. Her doula work is driven from a passion to improve women's birth experiences and it shines through with each birth and client. I am proud and honored to know Brandy and to have her as a great friend and colleague.

Jennifer Green, Student Midwife   

Where do I start? I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and Brandy has been a complete Godsend! My husband, Travis, and I decided to hire Brandy very early on in the pregnancy (12 weeks) and it was the best decision we have made thus-far! She is always there to answer our questions and has the most positive attitude towards pregnancy and trusting your body. Brandy inspires me to be a better pregnant woman and soon to be mother! Thank you so much for your confidence in us, we are so very excited to meet Baby Knewstep and couldn't feel more comfortable with a woman of great dignity and experience. We are forever grateful.

P.S.- I referred our best friends that just found out they are pregnant to Brandy and they are thrilled to have her as well : )

Danielle Knewstep   

It has been my privilege to get to know Brandy on a professional level as well as a personal one. And the same things that draw me to her as a friend make her an amazing doula. She is caring, committed, passionate, devoted, and such a wonderful encourager! I have no doubt with Brandy on your team you will be in fantastic hands. She comes highly regarded by her clients and by her colleagues, and she has also been a trusted backup doula for me. Thanks for all you do, Brandy!! XOXO

Amara Minnis, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), CCE (BWI)   

We had the experience of having a baby without a doula before Brandy and can say with all certainty that having her there for our second pregnancy made all the difference in the world! We learned more about both our pregnancies from her than we ever did with reading or our doctors. Childbirth is supposed to be a wonderful experience but after having a very hard delivery with our first child almost resulting in an unnecessary C-section we knew we needed someone there for us in the delivery room who would keep us informed of ALL of our options, comfort us and give us strength. And as much as I love my husband, he didn't have the experience needed to advocate for me if something happened again. We were determined to have our second child without induction and Brandy was there for us every step of the way. Since we chose a team of doctors we were unsure who would be there on the day or what nurse we would get. With all of the changes that can go on in the birth experience it is good to have one constant… BRANDY! We had a WONDERFUL second pregnancy and the delivery was an AMAZING experience with no pitocin and we owe it all to her. In our eyes she forever changed the definition of doula to: the best decision you will ever make and wisest of best friends. I can't thank her enough for finally giving me that wonderful birth experience!

Kimberly Schneider   

When we learned we were expecting our second baby there was no question..we must have Brandy as our doula again. Brandy came into our world a little over two years ago and has played such an important and irreplaceable role in the births of our two children. She was AMAZING and provided support and knowledge when my wife needed it most. It was with Brandy's time, sacrifice, and caring heart that Stacy was able to achieve an unmedicated VBAC. Its luck of the draw when it comes to getting a good nurse for delivery... I don't know that I would have been able to do this and provide the support my wife needed, when she needed it without the guidance from Brandy.

Bryan Wells   
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